2016-17 STEBA
Annual General Meeting

Thursday September 8th - 7.00pm
All Old & New Teams Are Welcome To Attend
2016 STEBA Finals Series - Week 1
Division 1
2nd Semi Final - HWC (Coin Op's)
HWC Niners vs Claremont RSL Scorpions
1st Semi Final - HWC (Net Pockets)
The Waggon vs Claremont Hotel
Division 2
2nd Semi Final - Granada Tavern
Granada Baracuda's vs Claremont RSL Devils
1st Semi Final - (Claremont RSL Club)
HWC Nomads vs Marquis Storm
Division 3
2nd Semi Final - The Marquis
"G" Xtreme vs HWC Maroons 
1st Semi Final - HWC (Upstairs)
HWC Reaper's vs Marquis Legends
2015-16 STEBA Masters Singles Champion
Wayne Elliott (3)
Chris Snare (0)
2015-16 STEBA Under 25's Singles Champion
Alex Pace (3)
Brendan Garth (0)
2015-16 STEBA Division 2 Singles Champion
Steve Royle (3)
Mick Smith (1)
2015-16 STEBA Division 3 Singles Champion
Jackson Horne (3)
Ben Smith (1)
2015-16 STEBA Ladies Singles Champion
Jasmine Hajduk (3)
Michelle Grundy (0)
Albury - October 12th - 23rd
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Aussie Kanga Roos vs Euro Lions - "Live Stream"

Test 1 (12th Oct - 6.00pm)                 Test 2 (13th Oct - 12.30pm)
Test 3 (16th Oct - 12.30pm)               Test 4 (17th Oct - 6.00pm)  
Test 5 (18th Oct - 5.00pm)

2015-16 Summer Roster

Starts on Tuesday October 20th